07 Exequel


Exequel is a ‘New Age’ entertainer in the Philippines, combining magic with the latest in holograms.

And he can design and build the coolest holographic displays for your venue. This is achieved by the latest techniques directly from Europe.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_20130925_172842 2013-09-26 12.07.44

Exequels Sfumato offers plans and rights to make the best holograms available, right from the designers who currently use the techniques in Europe. This means the formulas that have been kept secret for years are finally available in Asia.

IMG_20130925_180746 2013-09-25 10.36.45-2 2013-09-24 16.41.41

Sfumato Hologram can make all your dreams come true. In the small factory our experts can build hologram displays quickly, and very cost efficient.

Whatever you want: thanks to Sfumato in the world of holograms everything is possible!


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