04 Hologram Plans

Due to overwhelming demand, every week we get several requests for info, we have decided to streamline our holograms concepts and construction plans in a separate service. The service is divided in three parts. You pay per part and can stop at any moment during the process. We are faster and a lot more affordable than any of our competitors. Unfortunately we can’t provide any concepts and documents prior to initiation payment. We had too much unethical clients only interested in free designs. This service is not meant for small holographic boxes and displays. Costs of professional designing and masterplanning are too high and are only for projects with a substantial budget and ways of getting return on investment. We do however deliver complete holograms from small boxes up to large displays. Feel free to ask for options via our contact page.

Hologram Design and Construction Plans

Dragon Display Small 02 Triangle sk06766 RC Jades Theater Holograms Setup SK 02651

Evita setup up 2 07 PG17 Mall Hologram Int 03

The service is as follows:


1. You let us know what you have in mind and pay us the project initiation fee.

2. Within 5 workdays after we received all the available info you will receive a Project Information Document with all the info of your project regarding the hologram in your project, and concept ideas and examples for the hologram display.

Gaming Display 04 Zdisplay holoframe 08 Mermaid pearl 02


3. After agreeing you pay for design phase so that we can make accurate 3D renderings of what your display can look like.

4. We will discuss all options and afterwards provide you within 5 workdays with 3D concept designs of your hologram display based on all your wishes. Those designs will be yours and specifically for your project. You have the chance to make changes in the concept and we can edit the 3D design twice fully to end up with a design that is exactly the way you want it to be. The result will be the final concept designs that will be worked out into construction plans.

Construction Documents

5. After agreeing on the setup you pay for construction documents.

6. We will deliver you construction plans and instructions of this setup within 10 workdays. These plans include all measurements and dimensions, all angles for the foil or glass, how to install the flatscreen or projection screen… Everything you need to build your hologram display.


Cup booth SK02  Zdisplay SK 84847 Evita setup up 04

michael-jackson-hologram-1 RC Jades Theater Holograms Setup SK 03 Evita setup down 06

We give you all the information and tell you what you need to have. Since we do not know every local market regarding screens, projections and foils we can advise on that to a certain extend. This service is not intended for other large hologram suppliers. If you are in that group and want to use our expertise of the variable angles please contact for options in that field.

 cc201009191430214110 latest cc201009191429592366

cc201008111429579886 cc201008111427527967 201288132740763

2014-01-26 12.33.13 IMG_20130704_1550572014-01-26 12.30.48

The concept designs are professional. These renderings can be themed to match your or your clients demand. The construction plans have everything your building team needs to construct the display. If there are any questions or problems Exequel and Erik are here to help you. The price is for one Pepper’s Ghost setup. All the concepts and plans become your property.

How to arrange this for your Pepper’s Ghost hologram setup?

Simple, contact either Exequel or general office and we give you all the info you need.

Exequel via: exequel@sfumatohologram.com
General: info@sfumatohologram.com

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