Holographic technology and their implications for the future


Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, shifting and morphing to the convenience of humanity. As digital technology strives to become more realistic and practical, 2D projections are developing into 3D. New technologies will affect relationships without a doubt, and it seems communication will be fundamentally changed once again as the holographic display industry is becoming one of the fastest growing technological markets.

A notable signifier of this development is Chinese firm, Takee Technology’s release of the first ever holographic phone. The smartphone, called Takee 1, promises to create a fully holographic experience. It is proposed that the handset can use its front camera to catch the user’s eye movement, allowing the user to see 3D effects from different viewpoints. When an additional shell is attached, four extra cameras can catch the user’s finger movement, allowing controls in the air (Biz Asia 2014).

(Marcia Garcia 2014)

There are both pros and cons to…

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