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attraction development and management

We take care of your dreams

Rianfil is part of a team of experts from all around the globe that creates the most advanced shows and attractions on the planet. Erik and Exequel, the owners of Rianfil, focus on Technical Development. We can develop and manage your attractions. We can solve problems with existing attractions. We do.

With the whole team we can handle your project up to the scale of a large resort, using the combined forces of some of the worlds most famous and best experts and some of the most advanced suppliers of attractions.

We are ready to manage, develop, create and deliver your dreams into reality! One call does it all.

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The Rianfil’s are the experts in magic, hologram, optical illusions, stage effects, attraction effects and all technology involved in leisure. The Rianfil’s are experts in managing technical attraction projects. Combined we have worked on several hundred projects all over the planet!

Right now the Rianfil’s are involved in projects in Peru, the Netherlands and Australia.

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Erik Visser and Exequel Biazon, the CEO’s, are very easy to deal with! Share us your thoughts and dreams. We are there for you.


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Cost reduction management. Market research and feasibility studies. Technical Management. Business Plans. Change Management. Marketing and communication. Project implementation and project management. Masterplanning.

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Problem Solving

Dealing with awkward situations and unique projects. Technical Solutions. Debugging workflow. Damage control. Budget problems. Finding out the reasons of why the problems occurred. Developing a strategy to reach the next level and ultimately the goal.

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International Management

Functioning as a bridge between different cultures. Library System functions as workflow enhancer. Knowledge of different cultures, politics and business models. Managing projects with different countries involved.

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Library System

Functioning as a bridge between different cultures. Library System functions as workflow enhancer. Knowledge of different cultures, politics and business models. Managing projects with different countries involved.

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Show Design, management and Construction

Stage Illusions. Special Effects. Visual Effects. Large scale. Full Show Design.

2014-01-26 17.41.36 IMG_20130709_174642 IMG_20130709_190237

Travel 02 Transformation Stump SW 04 Solid Painting Piece NW 01

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(Urban) Attraction Design and Construction

Darkride Effects and Illusions. Visual Effects. Holograms. 3D technology. Full attraction Design.

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Design and Construction Management

3D Building Information Model (BIM) for all involved locations. 3D Concept Design. Construction Design. Construction Plans. Construction in own factory. Supervising construction.

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Holograms: The Formula

Only company in the world working with a secret formula for tilting screen and foil in other angles than 45/90. Different angles make sure that you can place a hologram wherever you want. Better hiding of the secrets involved.

RC Jades Theater Holograms Setup SK 021 michael-jackson-hologram-1

Hologram Displays

4 Sided displays for malls and attractions. 1 Sided displays for theatre. Size 1ft up to 100 ft. Realistic 3D animations. Revo holograms for hybrid hologram theaters.

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Hybrid shows and effects shows

Concept, Design and Masterplan for multimedia entertainment, attraction. Complete project management. Assembly and management of specialist teams for creative development, build and installation. We work with other teams as well as build our own. Concept development for retail merchandising including design and manufacturing. Complete fully customized training programs.

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Documentation and Presentations

Logo’s and graphics for advertising. Professional Presentations. On-site documentation.

IMG_20130803_154513  IMG_20130508_114825

Movie Magic

Forced perspective. Background matching. Sight-lines or viewing angle constraints. Plants or stooges and instant stooges. Innocent looking Cut away shots. Innocent reaction shots. Innocent looking camera pans and jerks hide edits. Innocent looking smokes or flame spark hide edits.

BOYVANIS vanish pic1 copy VANISH2

 2014-06-02 13.06.15 2014-06-02 13.07.31 2014-06-02 13.07.42


We have a fast growing team of experts. To keep it simple we provide you the contact info of two people.

They will connect you with the right person to answer your questions and offer the best service available.


Please send an email first with details about your request.
Erik Visser (leisure technical and magical management)
Email: erikvisser@rianfil.com
Skype: magicevi  
QQ: 2898300794
Main office Sneek, The Netherlands
Exequel (the hologram expert)
Email: exequelbiazon@rianfil.com
Skype: exequel12

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