05 Theatrical

The Theatrical Hologram display

We also offer theatrical holograms, where you can see live bands singing or dancing, or ghosts flying around in a musical, looking as realistic as in Real life. Basically we can make this any size, and at any place.

Space Explorer 37 Catwalk SK03 2s 2014-06-02 12.54.14

In the picture below the singer would be a hologram. You could even have interaction between real actors and holograms. Like have an actor fight with a dragon. Or make a musical of Jurassic Park and have the holographic dino’s walk around the stage.

Imagine having a concert and the band is made of holograms. You can have the drummer appear by magic.

RC Jades Theater Holograms Setup SK 02  Mall Hologram Int 03

Our own invention and boundbreaking calculations make it possible for theatre plays to show the audiences a combination of live actors interacting with holograms. Especially the calculations and designing process are very expensive. And that is the reason why this new business is situated in the Philippines, where we can offer you the same effects at a much lover price.

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